So what do I feel and what can I say when death comes to a life so defeated?
Eight years this life chose to waste in nothingness.  It is one thing when death
comes unexpectedly, to the young or to a soul so full of life the void it leaves
behind is devastating. 

But a selfish soul who, contrary to  the upstanding social appearance, gifted life with hurting others;  who looked
at the extra years he was given as a curse and not a blessing to cherish; who
expected from others and took when he could; who continued to hurt by passing
this legacy down a generation and ignoring the damage it left behind; what then
should I feel?

Was this soul always so defeated  in the realm of love and honesty? This is something I will never know.  I only
know it is sad; but the sadness comes not from the end of life but from the lack
of sadness I feel from this end and in the fact that I know I am not alone in
this feeling.  If there is anyone who will feel the void of this passing,  that
is where my heart goes.

Should not every life  be cherished and every death mourned?  One can only hope that a life well lived
is not forgotten.

~signed The Wacky Ex~