Reality check week, I guess.   I have been having trouble with my eyes lately. 
You know, the usual dry eye stuff, runny itchy, blurry.  Runs in the family, I
think.  Was being nagged to go to the eye doc since it was interferring with my
work, but what the hec for I say? I'm stubborn. 

Then, all of a sudden, my left eye decided to  go wack!   It was as if a shade pulled down across my eye every two seconds.    Worried?  Me?  Nah, petrified!!!!  Okay,  now I would get to the doc and they  better be able to get me in immediately, when I say.

Luckily with a referral from a friend, they  did.   Annoying as all get out though it was,
I was told my problem was typical  for someone my age.  The eye wall is disintergrating
and what I am seeing is  part of it floating around.  WHAT??? Normal?  Are you kidding me?  Tell that to  my sight when I have to shake my head fifty times, rattling my brain to be able 
to see straight to drive, type, read, watch TV etc. etc.  etc....

Dentist time.  Thought I broke a filling to be repaired.  Oh no, not a filling but a damn tooth.... Second one in  six months.  Guess what, I'm disintergrating.  Dentist said with larger fillings
the tooth ages and gets weaker and breaks.  The filling was fine and still in  place. 

I  know I'm no spring chicken but still feel YOUNG... I don't want to hear I'm
DISINTERGRATING.... How depressing...

Bet they haven't said that to my once Adonis EX...

What to  do, what to do....   Time to defy the odds and take on a new challenging
endeavor.... Any suggestions????

~signed The Wacky Ex~