Why does dog food smell so… whew!... like dog food; even the natural stuff I give my baby?  No whiff of chicken, beef or even broccoli.  They’re all supposed to be in there, right?

First thing in the morning, my schnozzola doesn’t want to cause my face to wrinkle in several more years of age, just what I need. Seriously, whether for people or canine, good food should smell good.  It doesn’t even smell good enough to pass off on my ex-husband’s lover, (oops lover’s) and that’s saying something. 

First thing in the morning, hmmm… Now I’m hungry.  How about an omelet or turkey bacon wrapped pancakes?  Oh yum, back in a while.

Yeah, now that was an experience in aromatic pleasure. Speaking of food, it seems the adventurous desire of the taste pallet increases with age.  Until age twenty-three or so, I stuck with the basic food groups, pizza, pasta, burgers and grilled cheese; any deviation from that was not an option, (unless it was junk cereal and cookies) especially those veggies that smelled like the inside of my sister’s bedroom. (Broccoli, Cauliflower) Oh yuck, there was a reason that door was kept closed.  (You know which sis, sis. Remember what I found under your bed?)   Later, though, my son trumped her big time…  Don’t ask. 

Another no no – fish - unless it was tuna from a can, doctored up with mayo, celery and pickles. I was twenty before the mushroom touched my lips and twenty three before I paid homage to what I now consider, a food from the gods, the artichoke.

Sometimes, life tries to be fair. So wrinkles appear like fault lines soon after forty. Body parts no longer fit in our jeans in that “you can’t touch this, baby” way and joints freeze up in protest getting out of a car.  We can’t stay out all night, party and have fun without making love to the hot water bottle (the heating pad predecessor, for those younglings) the next day and memory… Um, what point was I making?    Oh yeah, fair. 

In exchange, however, at least in my experience, life decides to increase the pleasure proficiency of the taste buds.  They actually prefer whole and healthy food flavors. That’s a good thing right?  (I hope so ‘cause I certainly don’t need, a desire to eat more. I’ve been dieting since womb exit)

Gee, finally I get to the point; “Forbidden Rice”. 

I ordered the specialty entre of the night at Trevi in Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas; grilled salmon and asparagus.  Remember, I only recently started eating Salmon, so this Wacky Ex would have choked in disgust at this great experience in the past.  When the entre was served, the salmon rested on top of this black stuff I had never seen before.  My new adventurous tongue took a taste and all I can say is Wowiliciosious!!!!

The sweet, nutty flavor and fragrant aroma stumped me.  Looked somewhat like rice but the color and base resembled a bean.  “What is this, I’m eating and how is it cooked?” I asked the waiter.  “It’s black rice and there is nothing on it. That’s the way it tastes.”  Yeah right. I didn’t believe him, it taste too wonderful and “Black Rice” never heard of it.  Okay, buddy, don’t want to give away trade secrets, huh?  I’ll do what every good investigator does nowadays, I’ll GOOGLE it…..

Yep, Black Rice, got it at my specialty store. I haven’t cooked it yet, though.  I’m chicken.  I’ll let my brother (be the Ginny pig) try it first.  He loved it at the restaurant too, but here’s the story for those trivia buffs:

Forbidden Rice, heirloom rice, was once grown exclusively for the Emperors of China. Legend tells us that Forbidden Rice enriches health and ensures longevity. 

Right up the alley for this Wacky Ex… Gotta stick around; the world needs us wackies, dummies, slutties, crazies and all the other ‘ies’.  It takes itself way too seriously….  

Try it, it’s pricey but you’re worth it.  Let me know how it hits your senses.

~signed The Wacky Ex~