Take a look at those babies… 

This Wacky's steaks are like hockey pucks, roasts like rubber, pasta so so but just look; my claim to fame - Lemon Meringue Pie! Tell me they don’t look like mouthwatering deliciousness.  

My ex mother-in-law (the good Ex ) gave me a great gift that was no small feat. Fabulous pie baker passed on to li’l ol’ me. Yep, I’m bragging.  Not many things this Wacky Ex gets to do that about.

Back in the day, (the way old day) she taught me to mix the crust by hand; flour, salt,  shortening and/or butter and water cut into the dough and mixed just the right amount of times (yeah right, try figuring that out)  in order to avoid a tough crust, then turned onto a floured board and rolled to round. (IF-the board doesn’t eat up dough and you don’t dust with too much flour AND you apply just the right amount of pressure with the roller)   There it is again, “just the right amount”.  Who does that anyway?

The whole process was tedious and the dough temperamental.  Too delicate a crust led to breaking in pieces before it could be lifted and placed in the pan.  Too thick or dense led to a tough crust, not flaky.
As long as it had been since I baked, I was expecting Hell’s Kitchen; at least a garbage pail full of rejected dough. But those beauties are a first try product and you just know they taste every bit as good as they look. Don’t you just want a bite? The antiquated process, my genius self mastered, (no witnesses to the months of ruined pies dumped in file thirteen) got so much easier.

There is a wonderful thing called a food processor. Just dump all the crust ingredients into that miracle machine and pulse a few times; quick, easy and not so temperamental. I eyeballed much of the measuring and the dough still rolled out like a charm. I can even add tasteful extras into the mix if I want. The filling’s a piece of cake now that I know just how long to boil the dang thing.  Hmm, maybe I’m getting that “just the right amount” idea after all.   Many times, early on, the filling turned to liquid after baking.  Of course it wasn’t until I was ready to cut into the scrumptious delicacy that I would know. Imagine the letdown! 

Easter is coming soon.  Please don’t ask me to cook dinner unless the bottom of your shoe sounds appetizing to you.  Hey siblings, are ya listening? That’s your job.  

Pies, glorious pies, wonderful pies; yeah now that’s the ticket.  

If you’d like the recipe, I share.  Contact me. No worries here about trade or family secrets.(Ex family secrets don’t count, do they?)  These are too good to hide from the world.  Besides, if you’re new to pies, I want pics of all the dough that fills your trash and if you don’t have any, I’ll hate you forever…. :)