When a  woman is not feeling nurtured and supported, she has no love to give.  She retreats into what John Grey,
author of “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”, calls the well.   The way to make her feel nurtured and supported is to LISTEN to her, let  her talk.  And when a  man retreats to his cave, he has no love to give.   He retreats when a woman tells him what to do and how to do it and  doesn’t feel appreciated for the very small things he does.  

Unfortunately for men, according to Grey, it is up to him to  unlock or open the door into the woman’s world.  She must feel validated, understood,  cared for, respected and above all listened to with empathy BEFORE she is willing to appreciate, trust and accept a man.   When a woman retreats into the  well, she will only come out of it when a man understands why she is in it.   No amount of fixing or trying to pull her out of the well will work.   In fact, it will keep her there longer.

What  happens, though, when the urgency to be in each other’s company is gone?  When they become complacent and their internal response is “Whatever”?   When the desire to be understood is greater than the desire to understand?   Is that when it’s really over and  time to let go? 

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